Family hike in Ehrwald and the surrounding area

Welcome to family adventures in Ehrwald

Ehrwald and its breathtaking surroundings are the ideal place to experience unforgettable family hikes. With an abundance of child-friendly hiking trails and breathtaking nature, this region has everything you need for an outdoor adventure.


Whichever hike you choose, don't forget to bring appropriate walking shoes and clothing. Safety is paramount, so make sure you have enough water, snacks and a first aid kit.


Ehrwald is a real treasure for families who love nature. Get ready to experience unforgettable adventures in this beautiful region!


Here are five great hikes that are especially suitable for families:

1. The Grubigstein Circular-Trail:

Dieser leichte Rundweg führt euch um den majestätischen Grubigstein und bietet atemberaubende Ausblicke auf die umliegende Berglandschaft. Kinder werden die leichte Wanderung lieben und können sogar auf den Gipfel des Grubigsteins gelangen, um die Aussicht zu genießen.


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2. The Blindsee Nature Trail:

This educational hiking trail is perfect for curious children. Discover the rich flora and fauna along the picturesque Blindsee and learn more about the local fauna and flora.


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3. The Lech-trail:

Part of the famous Lech Trail stretches through the Ehrwald region and offers spectacular views of the Lech River and the surrounding Alps. This trail is ideal for families looking for a longer adventure.


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4. The Seebenalm Circuit:

This family-friendly circular hike takes you to the idyllic Seebenalm, where you can fortify yourself with delicious Austrian specialities. The trail is easy and offers the opportunity to observe the wildlife of the region.


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5. The Almsee circular route:

The Almsee is a hidden gem near Ehrwald. The hike around the lake is short but absolutely picturesque. Your children will love playing on the lakeshore and admiring the mountain reflection in the clear water.


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